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По умолчанию Virtual Red Arrows

At last.... it's our chance to perform for you! We missed out at VFAT 2010, we are back and ready to demonstrate our hard work. The VRA show will be streamed online and shown at two locations in Norway. One at the historic aircraft museum at Gardermoen and one at the FLG event itself in Oslo. FLG will be advertised in local newspapers and on posters around Oslo. FLG is a Norwegian Flight Sim Event, their main focus is to bring like-minded virtual pilots together to share their interests and skills. FLG hosts a large LAN "party" with realistic ATC and virtual human pilots. There are many exhibitions at the event including addon makers, and aircraft procedure demonstrations. There will be a number of cockpit simulators including a 737NG sim as used by real world pilots. It's by far the biggest event in the flight sim community in Norway, go http://www.flightsimlan.com/ here to visit the FLG website.
The Virtual Red Arrows display will be streamed live across the internet and directly onto the big screens at the event. Everyone attending FLG will have a great opportunity to watch the show. Internet fans who are unable to make FLG, hit the below link on 19th March 2011 14:00 GMT (UK Time).
http://www.livestream.com/vralive Don't miss it!
Here is the promo video for the event:
We look forward to displaying for you,
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